Newborn Sessions

I'm Arianna, owner of Arianna Lyn Photography Studio located in the small sweet town of West Boylston, Massachusetts. I was a certified newborn caregiver for 3 years, and an elementary school teacher for another 3 years. Now, I am living my dream life photographing the wonderful connection between beautiful mamas and their babies.

My goal is to make my studio feel like home for you. Going through this miracle can be very exciting but may also be very exhausting, so I am here to make this process as sentimental and laidback for you as possible. You will be greeted with snacks and be able to sit back while I bundle your little one with care. You can rest assured knowing safety is top priority - I am EEC certified, infant-adulthood CPR and first-aid certified, taken a full 24 hour hands on posing course, I am fully vaccinated, everything is cleaned and sanitized before and after each session, and I run a legal and insured full time business!

I do not focus on unnatural poses and over the top props, but rather placements that they naturally melt into like when they were in the womb. All wraps for baby and dresses for you will be provided! You will see that my colors and style are also organic and simplistic - whites and tans to compliment every baby's skin tones, are clean and timeless, focus solely on your baby and their unique features, and when printed will match whichever space you choose to showcase them in!

My greatest dream is for your photos to last a lifetime, not just on screens. Therefore, I offer a wide array of professionally sourced prints, products, and albums with a lifetime guarantee. You will be able to hold and look through these at the studio and order after your session. Totally optional of course - but I want to handle all of these little details to get the photos on your walls in and in the homes of you and your loved ones! I know it's overwhelming to think about right now, but someday, your precious little baby will be showing these to their babies who are about to have babies wondering who's features they will get! This is a lifelong investment!

freeze those precious

to last a lifetime

newborn memories